Pennsic Recap 2017

We are back from Pennsic and finally have a moment to think about what we actually did!  Wulff (my darling husband) and the kids had a ton of fun – mostly seeing and playing with our great friends from Aethelmearc.  The kids really enjoyed the Children’s Fete – thanks for the dragons!  Wulff took two classes on using Facebook to promote an event (a HUUUUGGE stretch for someone so anti-Facebook) and another class on carving wood stamps.  We are looking forward to designing and creating our own fabrics for some early period garb or wall hangings – we have a ton of plans.

My Pennsic was fast and furious!  I was lucky enough to perform with the Commedia All-Stars for the third time.  The show was a blast but the rehearsals took up a bit of time each day.  This was still totally worth it. I also caught the I Sebastiani show on Wednesday at 630.  I loved the simplicity of the story and the great story-telling and I still have that song stuck in my head!

I displayed in the A&S display and had some great conversations with people from all-over the known world.  I also got some wonderful feedback on my display thanks to a dedicated group of artisans who put themselves out there to provide feedback to whoever asked for it.  Information on my display is here.

I took an awesome hands-on class on the creation of Iron Age Finnish spiral decoration.  The teacher, Duchess Siobhan, was amazing and I cannot wait to create more of these objects.  You can check out her website and research here.  There is also a Facebook group (search Finnish Iron Age)!

I also took a private class (I knooow!) with the amazing Katrusha and Tristan.  They sat with me for over an hour discussing Commedia characters and the physical movements associated with each one.  It was a fascinating discussion and I was so lucky to land some time with two people so knowledgeable and dedicated to their art.

We ate delicious food, stayed up late talking with friends, shopped like you only can at Pennsic, played games, saw shows and generally had a wonderful time.  Thank you to all the people who made this event possible!




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