Kingdom A&S 2018

Wow.  This event was a lot of fun.  I learned so much and left greatly inspired by the many talented artisans of Atlantia.  I did end up putting together a display of my own showing two previous projects together that I had not shown at a KA&S before.  I was happy with the feedback I received.

My display consisted of my Seamstress dress and my Twelfth Night dress.  I have posted about my Seamstress dress previously. My Twelfth Night dress has been an ongoing project for the last three years.  This year I took the time to add accessories like a beaded belt and a fabulous hat. Nothing completes your outfit like a fabulous hat!

27654393_2099751493581858_9172595085025716155_n (1)
The author and Her Excellency Stierbach at Atlantia Twelfth Night 2018

The absolute best part of the event was the hat competition I sponsored.  I have never sponsored a competition but I see many more in my future. It was relatively easy to do – I wrote the rules, found a judge, and provided prizes.  Easy peasy!  The hardest part was getting up in front of a crowd which always makes me nervous right up until I actually do it.

This competition was open to any period hat.  Documentation was encouraged but not required.  Five artisans entered to strut their stuff on stage.  The goal was to have fun and I think we achieved it.  The highlight of the whole thing was when 20 plus people all took the stage wearing hats by our winner Lady Artemesia de Corleone.  The Bycocket Brigade was a wonder to behold.  Special thanks to Her Excellency Stierbach for being our celebrity judge and photographer.

Hosting this competition was extremely rewarding.  It was really fun to give these talented people a chance to show of their work in front of a crowd and the recognition they deserve for their talent and efforts.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered!




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