My name is Herrin Genefa Wolfelin.  My family and I have lived and played in the Kingdom of Atlantia for the last 10 years.  One of the things I like so much about this game is the chance to meet and work with people I would not normally get to meet. I am very lucky that our local group of amazing people gives me the opportunity to do the two things that bring me the greatest joy:  create and serve.

Azure, three seeblatter conjoined in pall points to center Or and a chief argent.

Apprentice to Mistress  Rhonwen Verch Tuder (August 2014 to present)

Autocrat Defending the Gate XI (2012)
Autocrat Defending the Gate XII (2013)
Autocrat Defending the Gate XIII (2014)

Autocrat Kingdom Archery Championship (May 2012)
Autocrat Kingdom Archery Championship (April 2014)

Co-Feastocrat – Stierbach Baronial Birthday (June 2010)
Assistant to Autocrat – Defending the Gate X (2011)
Assistant to Arts and Sciences Coordinator – Atlantia 30 Year Celebration (September 2011)

Chronicler – Canton of Sudentorre (Oct. 2010 – Feb. 2012)
Seneshcal – Canton of Sudentorre (March 2016 – present)

Awards and Recognition
Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion – June 2015 to present
Companion of the Coral Branch (March 2010)
Award of the Silver Compass (Sept. 2010)
Companion of Saint Roch (June 2012)
Companion of the Opal (June 2012)
Companion of the Pearl (June 2013)
Companion of the Silver Heart (August 2015)

Guild Memberships
St. Anne’s Guild of Clothiers (2010 to present)
St. Lucy’s Guild (August 2015 to present)